Jess, You Won’t Believe Who Has 1.79% in MA Right Now….

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Small Credit Union, Smaller Int. Rate!
Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union with the upset?

Wow? I know you hesitated to consider them for one reason or another, but this recent data might make them worth another look.

The only other lower credit union auto rate in MA right now requires the borrower pay 10% down. (see below)



Perhaps they are worth another look, As always’ I’m analyzing, comparing ,contrasting and crunching these numbers.  If there’s any particular reason you want me to take them off the table feel free to leave a comment below, (right underneath the awesome purple elephant.)


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  1. Kika

    I applied for a “holiday” loan in Dec for 1K and got rejected. I like them it’s where I do my banking, just doubt if I’ll get approved. Credit unions have the best rates but are tougher to get approved for.

    1. Author

      Something interesting to note is that many years ago I was also denied for a holiday loan by the same credit union that gave me my car loan. A key factor in the approval process is type of loan. Not sure how it works and they may still deny, but we can apply to both the preferred and non-preferred banks/unions all at once. There will be no additional impact on the report if done at the same time, so there’s nothing to lose.

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