Get Ready, This is our Financing Gameplan

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Ok. Weekend is almost over and its time to get to work!

We know you want to finance, so I’ve done the heavy lifting, (research) and discovered some of your best options.

  • Merrimack Valley Credit Union
  • Jeanne D’Arc
  • Capital One Auto

Based on the research I’ve done credit unions are preferable. (BTW this unique font makes it look like I have a strange habit of capitalizing the letter “f”…I assure you that is not the case).

We need to quickly and simultaneously apply for the financing. Doing them at the same time eliminates negative credit impact.

This will allow us to see your true financial position and negotiate accordingly. Having CU or bank financing in hand will be a powerful negotiation tool with the dealer. Leave that to me, I just need to you move forward with the applications.

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