Quick Break…Check In

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Even the Dark Lord Of the Sith Himself, Mr. Vader has some decompress time.

Taking a small break from research and such to make sure this is helpful in the best way possible.  There are many possible directions to go in and all I need is your communication to let me know how to be MOST helpful!


Weekend observations:

  • This font, however unique, makes it look like I can’t refrain from random capitalization
  • Everything I do, small or big has to be done in my own unique way. love it/hate it. It’s “me”.

nailed it

  • Even family will turn on you in a minute when money is concerned.

better have my money

  • I have a surprisingly large amount of funky socks (not in the smelly sense)


  • My fears would make some people laugh, and the source of my laughter might make some people afraid

.sad bat


  • As the star proponent of “don’t overthink things”, I can ironically  be guilty of the over analyzation of everything


  • I might as well go to BJ’s and get a jumbo case of coconut oil (fapulous)

storm trooper


Random Musings:

  • Beyonce is awesome, but not awesome enough that I would consider seeing her without equally awesome accompaniment


  • The BMW i3 hatchback is not completely atrocious after a closer look..hmmm…


  • On the show “Community”, Abed is a character that views everything in life as it relates to television. I’m getting worried that I am totally him in a darker tinted  format.
  • abed

Enough rambleations for now…. you would totally say it’s way  too soon, so I won’t say “miss ya”.  Instead, check out this obligatory purple elephant and we’ll chat eventually….






  1. MoonGoddess

    that storm trooper gif is giving me life. yay to this font except for the capital looking f’s…although I kind of like it having prominence. I am Filion after all..ooh and look at how stately the actual capital f is.

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