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Robert's mind is , but you gotta love it!

kermit typing

While looking for something specific in my inbox, I  found the following in unsent drafts.  It’s too “me” not to send and this non-typical format ensures that you don’t have to trek through email hell to journey through my brain. Here it is:


“Let me be clear”,  cannot hope to touch your craft, which I respect. Spontaneous “floating” verse is and has always been me. Please accept this invitation to enjoy my communicated “organized  randomness”.
.let me be clear
Born and raised a creationist, I am astounded at the experience of rebirth
Freedom. Soaring. Freedom. Outspoken. Freedom. Risk taking. Freedom. Fear facing.Freedom.
The irony of a creationist simultaneously representing a product of evolution.
Mystically,I’m as  a phoenix. Emotionally I’m awakened. Nerdily, I’m a product of genetic modification without the need to consider the moral implications.
I’m special. Odd. Weird. And increasingly comfortable in sharing my undiluted quirks. Special. Odd.Weird. Unapologetic.
I can’t hold a dripping candle to your literary skill, yet I wax poetic.
I am The Darkest Knight., eyes widening and smile enlarging just so I can be seen through my midnight.
I am a tad bit darker than Mr.James  Brown but I still “say it loud”,  I’m black and I’m proud.
Did you know? My coal-hued tone may have an appearance  akin to my former namesake, but it wipes away easily. I am merely coated in ashes.
I am alive. Invigorated. Improved. Reborn.
That’s who I am.
Mystical, magical, yet masterfully avoiding the mundane. Adept at what you do, but a ninja master of “just being”.
Different, non-conforming, without apology for your complexity. Boundless pants-wearing beauty. Boundless pants-rejecting beauty.
Cyclical, ever-shifting attention with unshifting focus.  Gamer. Cyclical. Texter. Cyclical. Purveyor of all things memes. Cyclical. Chatty. Cyclical. Quiet. Still Kika. Loud. Still Kika. You are both the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster.
A commanding presence with submissive tendencies. Wholehearted snuggler granting the most restrictive of access.
An elegant goddess among men, a mythological desire of women. An appreciator of John. Versatility personified.
That’s who you are.
*that was it, however in the spirit of spontaneous creativity and artistic closure, I’m adding the following off the cuff….
deadpool right idewa
Pepe Le Pew, and the reluctant cat. The driven Dark Knight and independent Selina Kyle.
Yin and yang, Saltly and sweet. Verbose and succinct. Almond butter and chocolate.
Simultaneously this:comedy and tragedy
And this:  starwars comedy and tragey
Digital meets analog.  Stylus meets pen.  Audible burps intertwined with ethereal farts.
Beauty and the Beast, as detailed by the Joker:beast
Serious yet silly.  Supportive efforts, heartfelt appreciation.   King of awkward meets Queen of cool. Heavyset lightweight drinker engages with  curvy, curly-haired capable chugger.
Creative and verbose email-lover meets super surfing anti-email activist as’s “The Lighter Side” becomes the resultant love child.
The Adventures of Captain Extrapants and Kika of the Nopants.
Two incredibly unique individuals that occasionally blend like nails on a chalkboard, but more often than not, like peanut butter and chocolate. (Special Dark edition).
That’s who we are.
deadpool end“You’re still here? That’s it….go….”

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