I Know……

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So this one time…when I said “I’m going to miss you ” and Jerkika instantly, (and innocently) replied, “I know’.

Had it been an intentional homage to Mr. Solo it would have been hilariously cute.



But I just think it pounded home the reality of the differences with where we were at during that particular time. I am NOT “needy “, (outside of a teensy bit occasionally)….but I would totally  “miss you” where you would be like “how do I know you again….Mr….Black….man…..” (intentional exaggeration).

facepalm tucker


So, I said “fugget, I wont miss you either….and prepared myelf for a Kikaless spell with no impact.


Then, I have the craziest three weeks ever in life and get caught up in some unbelievable cray-cray ish. seriously WTF worthy.



And even while the fuggery abounds….I find myself today…doing what I said I wouldn’t do. Missing you while knowing somewhere on a lovely green mountain top you’re out there thinking, “I know”.

So, I write, I create, I put things in places people are not likely to see, but just might….

Enjoy your life to the fullest….in the meantime, I appears I can never not miss you. 🙂





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